What’s The Worst Thing You Ever Did Under The Influence Of Alcohol?

After a night chill with friends, we got home, we decided to go in through the fence because we knew that the gate will probably be locked.

All my friends succeeded in climbing and jumping over the fence except me and one other idiot.
The guy leaned on the gate and the gate opened, 😂😂 we didn’t know all the while the gate was open.
Well, shayo made us close the gate back and still use the fence to enter the house😂

Another One

There was this other day  4 of my friends and I were coming back from a shayo party.
Everybody was very high except for me who only took one bottle of beer just because I knew I was going to drive everyone back home.
After the party, in pulled up around 10 pm in the night to be going home, on our way we got stopped by a Military checkpoint around Ifo.
As I stopped the car on the order of one soldier, one idiot among us jumped down and started fuming;
“What kind of rubbish is this, why will you stop this one-man convoy on a missionary journey”.
Before I could come down control the situation, I heard a thunderous sound of slap “Puahhhhh”. My friend don slap soldier😳😳
You won’t believe we did frog jump all through that night, my friend wey tear soldier slap got the worse beatings of his life that night.
Guys, we would love to hear from you 👇

What’s The Worst Thing You Ever Did Under The Influence Of Alcohol?

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