Why You Must Not Train A Girl In The University With The Hope Of Marrying Her(A Must Read)

Bro listen! Before you become the next victim of “Had I Know” read this!

Do not sponsor or train any woman in the University with the hope of getting married to her later on. It doesn’t end well. It always ends in premium tears.
We have millions of graduates in Nigeria. Marry one of them if you so much desire a graduate. I REPEAT, Don’t train any woman in the University with the hope of marrying her..it always end in premium tears.
Allow people(parents) to train their children by themselves. You can only support if you wish, but don’t take the full responsibilities.
If you’re so much rich and doesn’t know what to do with your money, your sisters and brothers are there. Train them instead.
I realized that most men that sponsors  women in the University, have dropped out/undergraduate siblings and relatives. Some their parents are not even doing well yet they are training another man’s daughter. Is that not stupidity? Charity Begins At Home bro!
The moment a Nigerian girl gains admission to the university, forget about her. It takes the grace of God or whatever you serve, for the relationship to work. She will definitely hook up with someone else in School.
Personally, instead of training a girl in the University, I rather train a Rottweiler Dog or a Chiwawa Nkita.
A dog will remain grateful and loyal forever than a woman. If we are not married, you’re not my responsibility. Channel your problems to God and your family.
Bro this is 21 century, not 1000AD. Be generous and WISE at the same time. Girls of nowadays are mean!
For example,
Mr Ekeh Nnamdi who rolled in mud after his lover Miss Charity Odunze rejected his proposal at Relief Market, Owerri, Imo State.
Mr Ekeh who is a bricklayer while speaking to journalists said from his little income, he trained Miss Charity Odunze in the University only to be dumped after 5 years. You can imagine!
Ekeh also stated that Miss Charity is the 3rd woman to treat him in such a manner, he concluded that majority of women out there are fraudsters who sees relationship as opportunity to dupe innocent men.
He also advised men to use their money for gambling than investing in any woman.
I Richard will use mine to train a dog instead, if I don’t know what to do with my money. Thank You!
MEN BE WISE! The street is military!
Don’t Train Any Woman In The University With The Hope Of Marrying Her..It Always End In Premium Tears.

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