You’re Also A Fraudster – Toolz Tackles Diezani Madueke

Nigerian OAP Tolu Oniru-Demuren aka Toolz has joined other Nigerians to blast former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, over her statement on yahoo boys.

In a viral video yesterda, the embattled Diezani had mentioned that it is a pity many Nigerian youths have idolized yahoo boys and made them their mentors.
Dieziani while delivering a lecturer last Friday, August 7, said Nigerian youths are beginning to emulate Yahoo Yahoo boys.
She had said:
“The ones that have swag, the Yahoo Yahoo boys, as my son would say; these in short, are the role models they are looking at. These are the ones that reinforce negative societal norms and values,” Diezani said.
“This is a travesty of an unfolding tragedy for us. Why have I spent time talking about fatherless homes and the impact it has on our children? The truth of the matter is that an irresponsible boy tends to become an irresponsible man and it is, therefore, a vicious cycle. If you plant yam, you cannot harvest plantain.”
A number of people called out the former Minister who is currently being tried for fraud allegedly perpetrated while she was in office, and Toolz has also weighed in.
Taking to her Twitter handle, Toolz cussed her out, calling ‘a crazy woman’ who must have lost her mind to be spewing out such ‘nonsense’….
”See normally I would laugh but this is so ridiculous. This lady must have lost her damn mind to come online and spew this nonsense.
How are you different from a fraudster ma? She actually has no shame, which is sadly common for a lot of our (present and past) politicians.
No shame at all! Crazy woman.

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