How I Lost A Potential Job Because Of My Church – Naijaloadite Narrates

Sorry I have to write this, I have decided to keep it to myself but, I decided to let it out.

Just like every other job seekers who are looking for jobs either to switch to a better pay or change environment.
Though I have been out of job since the COVID-19 pandemic started, I worked in a retail company, but since we have not been called back, I decided to search for job.
I saw an advert and decided to submit my application, just like every other people, luckily after one week or two, I got a mail that I have been shortlisted for their online test and after I pass, I will move to the next stage which is a virtual interview before coming to their office to sign my employment letter.
After the mail, like 3 days I got a mail containing my ogin and password for the test, fiam, I opened and I did the test.
After like another 3days, I got a mail from them that I passed the test and I should be expecting a what sap call from one of their head office in Europe.
Luckily I got the call, from one of the European country number from a Nigerian, believing is the call that would change my life forever.
After the normal introduction and other things like the job functions, the real bible questions started which I was able to scale through it.
Towards the end of the virtual interview, the last question was are you a born again Christian, have you been baptised and what denomination are you?.
And I said yes I’m a born again Christian, I’ve been baptized and I’m a Roman Catholic.
At the end of my speech, his response was, is not possible to be a Catholic and be born again.
He said once you were not taken to the river to be baptised that’s not a baptism.
Catholics are not born again Christians and I’m not baptised too just because I was not taken to the river to be baptised.
His last statement was, you actually have the experience but, we need other denomination not Catholic that the job entails somebody who is a real born again Christian.

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