I Am Suspecting My Wife Is Cheating, Should I Confront Her?

I am a young married man with 2 kids. The marriage is 6yrs now. Due to the situation of the country, we’ve not been staying together. I hustle in a University environment in one of the states in Southwest while she works as a freelance for some organizations in Lagos.

I normally come home (Lagos) on monthly basis. But during this lockdown, I have been in Lagos with my family.
Prior to our marriage, there is this guy she met when we had some misunderstanding.
They started a date but later called it off when we settled.
She didn’t give me the details but based on what I read on her phone back then, I knew they made out together.
The said guy is now in Port Harcourt but I am aware he normally comes to Lagos.
Just today, I heard my wife giving someone a description of where they will meet somewhere in Agege (where she uses as her office). I was curious to know the person. I didn’t ask her because she would find a story to cover up.
I found a way to check her phone and saw that her ex – the said guy was the one who called.
May I say that we have fought over this guy several times even before and after our marriage.
She won’t let this guy be in her past. She’s either calling the guy or the guy is calling her.
This time, I chose not to raise my voice but monitor her closely.
She left home for work today. I may not be able to give details but every surrounding clue indicates that my wife has a date today. She returned home and I found a way to check her whatsapp but alas she has deleted her chats with the guy.
Just this night again, she received a call from another man asking her when she would come to his office.
She once told me that the man was asking her out. In all these, I want to believe my wife is up to something.
Infidelity is the last I would accept in this marriage.
Should I confront her with all these observations? Please, I am confused.

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