Jose Mourinho Is Overrated And Will Be Sacked By Tottenham Before The End Of Season

How time flies 😄😄

I remember when Arsenal fans on Naijaloaded were screaming Mourinho! Mourinho! Mourinho! after the lazy and confused Unai Emery was sacked on 29 November 2019.
And trust me there was also a lot of anger when former player & captain Mikel Arteta was hired as many believed Mourinho has more experience and a tactical genius than the former Man City assistant manager.
Well fast forward to 2020, Arteta has won 2 trophies for Arsenal and his team are playing one of the best football in the world 🔥🔥
As for Mourinho, he ended last season trophy-less and his team don’t even know what they are playing in the new one as we saw in the first home loss against Everton (Watch Highlight Here)
Always looking for something or someone to blame, Jose said after the match that he is happy the Amazon Cameras (Football Documentary shot by Amazon last season about Tottenham) are gone so he can keep his message to his players after their loss to Everton private 😁😁
The real truth is Tottenham & Mourinho are a mismatch ❌❌
Spurs are a club with the values of nurturing young players to compete while, unfortunately, they have a manager who needs a lot of financial backing before he can make waves.
For example, Mourinho is not like Wenger who can start from the scratch to build a team.
I promise that if Tottenham fail to invest in some big names before the end of transfer window on 5 October, Mourinho will be sacked before the start of November…

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