Laycon, Vee Mock Ozo, Nengi (Give Quote)

Vee and Laycon, Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates, were caught on camera last night busy mocking fellow housemates, Ozo and Nengi.

Vee believes what Ozo and Nengi are parading as a relationship is “bullshit.”
According to her, there was no content in their so-called being around each other during the day while they (Ozo and Nengi) sleep in different beds at night.
Ozo is always following Nengi about in the house, with both housemates usually seen together.
And talking about them last night, Vee began the conversation by saying, “This is bullsh*t that Ozo is doing…”
In response, Laycon said, “They can’t stay away from each other for one hour.”
Vee added, “It’s bullshit.
“They can’t stay away from each other during the day but they still sleep on different beds during the night.” Laycon and Vee burst into laughter.

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