Liverpool Fans Could Clap For Rashford At Anfield – Robertson

Liverpool star Andy Robertson has said that Marcus Rashford could be the first Manchester United player in history to receive a standing ovation from the Anfield crowd after the work the striker has done to help disadvantaged children and families in the UK.

Rashford campaigned for free school meals to continue across the summer holidays, with many of Britain’s underprivileged kids relying on them to stay healthy – especially during the coronavirus pandemic which has caused countless parents to lose their jobs.
Liverpool and United are mortal enemies on the pitch, with their fierce rivalry often making for heated spectacles whenever they meet. Regardless of that fact, Robertson believes that Rashford’s actions off the field mean that he would be more than deserving of applause on Merseyside.
“The two words that everyone’s saying [during the pandemic] are ‘Marcus Rashford’,” the Scotland captain said in an interview with The Times. “He made politicians overturn the decision [not to extend free school meals] because he wanted every kid to get fed.
“What he’s done was amazing, outstanding. Once the fans are back in, Marcus Rashford could be the first Man Utd player to get a standing ovation here [at Anfield]. He’d definitely deserve it because thousands of families are going to get fed now.”
Asked if he believes politicians are doing enough to support the nation, Robertson added: “For me, no. But everyone can do better. Even though I’m active [in charity work], I believe I can do better.”

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