Man Narrates His Experience As Gunmen Allegedly Kidnap Travellers Along Abuja - kaduna State Expressway

Some travellers were allegedly abducted and others shot by gunmen suspected to be kidnappers along the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway on Friday, September 4.

It was gathered that the gunmen blocked the road near Olam company, about 28 kilometres to Kaduna, abducted many travellers and injured those who attempted to flee.
Narrating his experience, Ibrahim Baba Suleiman, the spokesperson of the Islamic group, Jama’atu Izalatil Bid’a, Wa Ikamatis Sunnah, Nigeria (Jibwis) who escaped the attack, said theat the incident took place around 2pm.
According to Mr Suleiman, a fleeing soldier was shot on the chest by the gunmen while a couple sustained gunshot wounds.
He said the incident had kept more than 1, 000 motorists stranded on the road. It wasn’t until an hour later that some soldiers and policemen numbering 15, chased the gunmen and cleared the road for the motorists to pass.

Suleiman said:-

“From Abuja to Kaduna, right at 12:15, remaining small to enter the hand of kidnafers may God protect us, we will start riding them, 28 kilometers before entering Kaduna town. We just saw a soldier on the motorcycle saying we should turn, they shot him, they shot at least two people we saw with our eyes, then we turned back and seek the help of God. They have entered the forest with many people, now we are waiting for you to lose Kaduna in the power of God.”
“Skip well back-after we did on the way to Abuja to Kaduna.
At in the morning we need to get up from Abuja to Kaduna, but I called bilya asp, he came to my houses and started his work, at least we have added one hour before our development.
After we had a trip, it remains 28 kilometers to enter Kaduna, we are in these before the down, we just saw a soldier man and a woman, we are enough to turn the car quickly.
They have shot many people, and they have gone with many others, and may God protect us. Immediately one of us dan help, Aliyu Kwara has started giving the first help work.
Sheikh Dr. Isma ‘ila Kumo and his son Alaramma Imran Isma’ il Kumo, Aliyu Kwara (Agaji), and I am the one who loves me.
May God protect us all from evil or disaster wherever we are.”

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