Nigerians Believe In Jazz, Juju, And Village People A Lot – BBNaija Anto

Big Brother Naija Reality Show star Munirat Antoinette Lecky, popularly called Anto, has clearly stated that Nigerian don’t pay enough attention to mental health just because they believe so much in jazz, juju, and village people.

“It is a known fact that we do not pay enough attention to mental health in Nigeria. As long as we still believe in jazz, juju, and village people disturbing lives, many Nigerians will not understand what mental health is. But luckily, more and more people are learning about it and educating others. More Nigerians are feeling more comfortable to talk about their mental health despite the existing stigma,” she told Sunday Scoop.
Asked if she could date anyone in the showbiz industry in an interview with Sunday Scoop, Anto said she could date any man willing to take her for who she is.
“At this point, I’m trying to date whoever will accept me for me. In dating, I think usually most people date people within their fields/industry, because where else do most people find partners besides ‘at work’? So, I’m not against dating someone in the limelight. I’m most interested in dating someone who is honest and keeps to his word,” she said.

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