4 Practical Ways You Can Help In The #EndSARS Protest


When is all these unrest going to ease? The question I asked myself every now and then.

I know how fearful and scared it is to see how the Federal Govt and State Govts are not doing anything tangible to ease the unrest in the Nation, but there are ways you can help in your own little ways.

There are four practical ways we can all help to restore peace and further douse the tension.

1. Pray for the peace of the Nation and that the Almighty God rules in our affairs. We are all the works of His hands. No more blood Shed.

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2. Verify all the news and social media feed you come across before you share. A lot of fake news has been making the rounds.

Once the images of destruction stopped filling the news, our thoughts can return to life’s daily rumblings.

Today, so many people are afraid they wait in fear of the next tremor.

3. Follow Government directives and cooperate with the security personnel.

4. Open your hearts in generosity to all who need help in the coming days. Donate to the needy or any credible relief agencies or foundations that provide basic needs for the poor.

You can also become a volunteer in different capacities in our continuous quest to restore hope to our nation.

Our prayer is that the Almighty God will comfort and heal the injured, give the families of the deceased the fortitude to bear the great loss.

Let us not forget that we are all brothers and sisters, and LOVE is all we need.

God bless Nigeria

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