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Some men have reasons they hit women

Although they insist some of these reasons are valid; they are mere excuses.

A man’s strength should be used to protect not demean a woman.

Have you ever wondered about the trauma battered women undergo? If you know this you’ll never hit a woman.

A woman is likened to a garden that should be protected. She is likened to a flower that should be nurtured.

But when mishandled will fizzle out and may never be the same again.

Yes! They can be annoying sometimes, that is the time you need to display leadership and not act otherwise.

When you act otherwise; it shows immaturity.

Show me a successful woman and I will reveal the man behind her success.

A mature man possesses strong character. He listens to a woman’s opinion, gives her room for mistakes, and swallows her pococurante attitude during a heated argument.

But chauvinistic men assume that a woman’s opinion doesn’t count these set of men see women as lesser beings that should serve them.

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Any man who hits a woman would 👇

1. Lose Her Respect

A woman is supposed to respect her husband. One way to earn respect is to have self-control as a man.

The moment a man loses self-control to where he hits his woman, he loses her respect.

You may crush and subdue her, but the respect you get after that is a demanded respect and not loyal respect.

One way to maintain self-control is to work out of the argument.

This will keep you from giving her a reply that can lead to a heated argument, or even reacting worse.

2. Affect Her Self-esteem

Ever wondered why your woman would want you to comment on her dressing?

She believes in your sense of judgment, so you can either use that to build her or to destroy her.

When you hit her and say words to demean her, you destroy her self-esteem.

It will take a woman with courage and strong character to come out of such a state.

3. Reveal Your Worst Action

Once you hit your woman, she has seen your worst action.

She no longer asks herself: “What will he do?”

Instead, she replies to you with: “The worst you’ll do is to hit me; that is what you are good at doing.”

It is better you leave her wondering what you can do, than her knowing what you can do to her. This keeps her under check.

There are better ways to handle a woman than hitting her.

4. Lose Her Contribution

The contributions of a woman in a man’s life are very important. The life of a husband without the advice of his wife could be one-sided.

Women are designed to be helpers and they play that role perfectly.

When you beat a woman, she believes you’re not on her side. This is dangerous for any man; it means you’ve lost her loyalty.

This in turn affects other areas of your relationship.

5. Face Mass Attack 

Before you lay your hands on your woman are you ready to face the music? How prepared are you to face the mass?

It’s understood that domestic violence majorly remains in the hearts of only the couple as the woman will try to cover her husband evil’s act.

The moment she finally exposes your deed, there are many things you should be ready to face.

Firstly, you’re automatically irresponsible to her family, your own friends, and other women you have pictured to bring in as a replacement for her.

Secondly, the world will be against you no matter what she did wrong that warrants you to beat her, several attacks and bully will fall in together with unexpected abuse.

The worst is if you’re a celebrity or public figure of a certain area, you’ve automatically been ridicule.

The End!

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