5 Things Nigerian Youths Should Do To End Bad Governance In Nigeria (No. 4 Is Needed To Throw-out PDP & APC)


After the weakening Buhari’s speech last night, is the war against bad governance finished? No, it’s definately not finished.

No matter how senseless Buhari’s government has responded to all that have happened, as youths, we should not give up, this should only be the beginning of the mission.

A lot of people already died in this mission, the government denied the death of innocent citizens and to make the matter worse, their secret of hoarding COVID-19 palliative have been exposed.

At this point, we don’t need anyone to tell us that both PDP and APC are birds of the same feathers, we don’t need to keep recycling them, the youths need to stand up and take this nation from these heartless old cargos.

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Meanwhile, on this list, we will b sharing with you the 5 things we think Nigerian youths should do to end bad governance in Nigeria come 2023.

5 Things Nigerian Youths Should Do To End Bad Governance In Nigeria:-

1. Get Your PVC

Nigerians have been passionately sensitized to know that voters’ registration helps to facilitate the credibility of the electoral process by preventing multiple voting as each person is only allowed to register once.

With this, no one is allowed to register at multiple centres.

Having a preferred choice of voting out bad governance begins with having a power to vote your preferred candidate.

That’s the Power PVC gives you! It’s now left to you to shun these PDP and APC wicked politician and give your vote to a youth who is passionate about the development of this people and the youths.

Just have it at the back of your mind that the first step to clearing these people from government is PVC.

If you have Permanent Voters Card, you have power.

2. Stop Being Tribalistic & Believe In One Nigeria

The technique of divide and rule is what our leaders have been using to get away with plenty bullshit in this country.

Let’s flashback to when the ENDSARS protest was ongoing, youths across the nation came together in one voice to demand that the government do the right thing.

Only for government to start brainwashing and paying some uneducated youths to disrupt the protest with violence.

Some Hausa youths were used in Abuja, it became serious when some group identified as youths came out to give protesters 24hours to leave the street.

All these were the divide strategy they have used against us and come 2023, we all need to be more united by seeing ourselves as Nigerians first.

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3. Change Your Mentality That Your Vote Does Not Count

Great things are birthed from the mind, nurture positivity to get positive results.

You can’t plant corn and expect to harvest yam during harvest season. Many youths don’t have PVC today because of this mentality of “votes don’t count”.

If our votes don’t count, politicians won’t spend heavily on campaigns trying to convince the electorates to vote them.

Rigging in most cases is more like a back-up plan to support campaign efforts.

We need to adopt this new strategy of voting and securing our votes till they get counted.

For instance, with what happened at the recent Edo elections, people voted and made sure their votes counted by securing their votes jealously to watch Obaseki win second term.

Moving forward to actualize the new Nigeria of our dream, we need to let go of this old mentality that our votes don’t count.

Firstly, we all need to get our PVC and start sensitizing the less educated among us about the power of voting the right leaders and securing their votes.

4. Be Ready To Vote & Defend Your Vote In 2023

One of the worst thing you can do for democracy is to vote and not defend your vote.

It is almost equal to not voting at all in the democratic settings of our country.

You have every right to remain vigilant at the election ground, including after the results are announced at their centres, until after the declaration of final results.

Even voters can help by being alert question certain unusual practices such as Ballot Boxes not having lids, and a few anomalies in the administration of voting materials by electoral officers.

It’s your civic duty as a Nigerian to vote, and a precious Nigerian right.

Remember that your vote always counts not just in close elections, but in every election. But it might be turned off, if you don’t stand and defend the vote

You don’t have to be an expert on the issues to defend a vote. But with the proper readiness and willingness, you can vote confidently in every election and defend it to the final.

By 2023, as a citizen who wants best for the country. Get ready to vote and stand by it for favourable results.

These PDP and APC guys will try and steal our votes especially when they see our determination to uproot them in 2023, so we all should be ready to restore the dignity of this country by defending our votes.

5. Join Youth Oriented Political Party

One of the biggest discoveries made from this #EndSARS protest movement is that we have young vibrant youths who can move things better than bunch of useless old fools.

On a bigger note, it’s easier for youths to come together, bring problems to the table and proffer a working solution in no distant time.

These old men in government think, governance is by age, they don’t know the world has moved beyond their thinking, we are in a technological age where things are done easily through many technological innovations they don’t know about.

I believe a youth oriented political party that will only house Nigerian youths will soon be established and once the party is ready, all Nigerian youths including you reading this should be ready to join.

Now is the time to be actively involved and be politically active.

The End!!

For the sake of those that have lost their life in the struggle of #ENDSARS and #ENDBADGOVERNMENT movement in Nigeria, we must get this country back in 2023. Are You Ready???

Do You Agree With This List?

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