A MUST READ! – The Verbally Abusive Guy I Just Met

I just met a guy last month ending, we exchanged numbers and started chatting. He asked me out.

I really enjoyed chatting with him, just him alone. So few days after, he invited me to his house. I declined but I noticed that he stopped chatting with me.

A few days after, he asked about my genotype without even greeting me. I counter questioned him, and he attacked me, claiming that he is not happy with me. I replied that ‘I don’t care’.

The next thing I received was rains of insults. Saying that I insulted him. I admitted and we settled it.

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For the short times I’ve known him, I could see the kind of qualities I want in a man. But the problem he has and that he attested to is verbal abuse…

I noticed that anytime he invites me to his house and I declined, it always pisses him off and he stops talking to me.

I decided not to visit him because it’s not safe for me.

He argues over little things on chat, he talks to me like I’m a baby ( he is 33 and I’m 22). he is domineering… I’m just confused on the decision to date him considering all these flaws. I am suspicious of him being violent.


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