LET’S DISCUSS! Dismissal Of Yomi Shogunle And Dolapo Badmus Is Good, However It’s A Fishy Tactic From The Police


Twitter erupted in jubilation when this afternoon, there were reports that some SARS officers including Dolapo Badmus and Yomi Shogunle have been dismissed.

While that comes as a welcome development as the march against police brutality continues, this new development calls for concern.

Firstly, Yomi Shogunle and Dolapo Are High Ranking Officers

It will interest you that Yomi Shogunle occupies the position of an ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) and was once the Head of Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit in Lagos. Dolapo Badmus on the other hand was previously the PPRO (Police Public Relations Officer) and is a CSP (Chief Supritendent).

This shows they have accumulated experience over the years  and no doubt, these are high-profile officers who have had to work through low positions to assume the influence and power they have now.

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And the Police Force Just Dismisses Them Like That?

Certainly calls for suspicion.

How Many Times Will Yomi Shogunle Be Dismissed?

If you’ve been conversant with the name “Yomi Shogunle”, you’ll know this isn’t the first time he’s been in trouble.

In 2019, Yomi Shogunle was removed from his position as Head of the Complaint Response Unit of the Police and transferred to Ebonyi State as Area Commander of Nkalagu.

Other times, they’ve been claims he’s not part of the police force anymore. Now, we’re seeing reports that he’s finally dismissed. Which should we believe?

Overall, this is a foul play by the police. Something is fishy. It doesn’t look right. High-ranking officers just forced out of the police office?

And why is it coming at a time like this? Why wasn’t this publicized few weeks before our agitation. This surely shows it’s a well marketed plan by the police to calm us down and and show to us: “guys, we’re working”.

It’s obvious these guys will still be back or are just been transferred to another state and are the “sacrificial lambs” in this scenario.

Over to you guys,

Do You Believe Dolapo Badmus and Yomi Shogunle Have Been Truly Dismissed?

Or It’s A Ploy By The Police To Pacify Protesters?

Let’s have your thoughts on this.

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