Let’s Discuss – Will Olamide Ever Return To Being Among The Top Three?


Previously, it was Wizkid, Olamide and Davido. The sudden emergence of Burna Boy changed everything.

At one point, Olamide was dictating the pace of the industry. 2012-2016 specifically, we witnessed the peak of Olamide.

The hits flowed. Awards followed. Back to back. The YBNL head even created some viral trends. If Olamide wasn’t the winner of the artist of the year, he went home with album of the year.

But things will change as from 2017. As Lagos Nawa was heavily criticized, still, Olamide was in the scheme of things. We still had one or two hits from that year.

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What however became clear was Davido and Wizkid surging forward due to the international recognition they were wrapped in. A feature Olamide lacked.

2018 would ultimately push Olamide from the trinity equation. Ye transformed into a global hit overnight and Burna Boy topped that success with the release of On The LowGbona and Killin Dem, eventually snatching the artist of the year gong from Wizkid that year.

Nothing has changed since then, with Olamide far away from the trio.

Will His Album, Carpe Diem Push Him Back Into The Equation?

We’re also asking the same question,

Will Olamide Ever Return To Being Among The Top Three?

Let’s hear your thoughts on this.

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