LET’s TALK!! Who Should Really Be Blamed For The Bloody Lekki Massacre?


The sight of what happened in Lekki yesterday 20th October 2020 is not a pleasant one.😭😭

Many lives were lost as soldiers turned to animals, shooting sporadically at peaceful protesters on the ground at Lekki Toll Gate.

A lot of things have happened prior to the incident but the question is, who should really be held responsible for the massacre?

Without being bias, let us analyze the situation and come to a logical conclusion.

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1. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu

He is the Governor of Lagos state and everything that happened at Lekki tollgate yesterday is his responsibility to avoid.

When the protest started in early October, he made move to liaise with the presidency to find a solution to the situation.

The result of his meeting with the president turned out to the normal “Promise and Fail” Nigerian politicians do.

The youths are tired of promise and fail and vow to stay on the street until the promise is kept.

The protest continued, thugs hijacked, and started using the opportunity to do bad things.

As a result of that, Sanwo-Olu declared Curfew and the rest is a massacre.

The carelessness and incompetence of Sanwo-Olu became so glaring when he said the incident happened based on events beyond his control. Really??

You could not control what can lead to the killing of your people, Sanwo Olu, Really??

2. Bola Tinubu

He is considered the most powerful man in Lagos State and the Lekki Toll Plaza is directly or indirectly owned by him.

Less than 24hours after he released a statement begging youths to stop protesting, the Lekki Massacre occurred.

The Lekki Toll Gate protesters are so organized and peaceful, for a group of soldiers to shoot directly at those peaceful protesters, it all seemed like a brutal attempt to re-claim the toll gate.

For the fact that the Toll Gate billboard light was turned off on that day and also the CCTV camera removed, what happened that night appeared to be a calculated attempt to kill few protesters and scare youths away from the money-making toll gate. Shame!!

3. President Muhammad Buhari

Before Lagos State declared curfew, news had it that Buhari met with Security Chiefs.

Lagos declared Curfew and the Soldiers didn’t go to Orile Iganmu where thugs were disturbing, they went straight to Lekki Toll Gate where peaceful protesters are.

Asides from this, Buhari wasn’t proactive enough with the demands of the protesters and that is exactly why this protest lasted this long.

Buhari’s lack of true leadership competence could be the reason this peaceful protested escalated to killings.

If Buhari is the Commander-in-chief of all Armed Forces in Nigeria, who then ordered those soldiers to kill?

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4. Youth Protesters

Some Nigerians who have been following this protest from the beginning are of the opinion that Nigerian youths who are peaceful protesters should have gone home and re-strategize when curfew was declared.

But the truth is, Nigerian youths have been silent over the years, instead of the government to act fast to our demands, they want to silent us thinking we will be afraid.

A reasonable person should understand why youths won’t accept the “we are working on it” promise of the government but true action.

Some Nigerians are still scared and they think others should be scared too. That’s why some people will think protesters should have retreated.

5. Ignorant Thugs

Due to illiteracy and ignorance, some Nigerian youths don’t understand the basis of the ongoing protest.

They just want to seize the opportunity to engage in violence and looting which is the reason behind some cases of attacks on police stations, extortion, looting, and other things.

However, it has been alleged that government officials are even using these ignorant youths to launch violent attacks so as to discredit the protest.

The activities of these thugs formed the basis of the government declaring curfew which gave the government the opportunity to use soldiers on peaceful protesters.

If not for these ignorant thugs, maybe there wouldn’t be Lekki Massacre.😭😭

Guys, based on the above analysis, the question is 👇

Out Of The People Mentioned Above – Who Should Really Be Blamed For The Bloody Lekki Massacre?

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