OPEN LETTER!!! Shame On All Yoruba Fuji Musicians – Not Even One Fuji Musician Did A Song About #EndSARS – Why Is This So?


Dear Fuji Musicians,

Big shame on all Fuji Musician in the Yoruba land!!! Not even one of you made a song on #EndSARS. I’m not even sorry to say that you’re guys are a shame!

Almost all and sundry in the Afrobeat or Hip Hop genre made a song to lend their voice about the #EndSARS #EndPolicbrutality protest going on in the country.

None of them even came out to join the protest initially, until an unknown lays a generational curse on them before Saheed OsupaPasuma and Malaika join the masses in various protest location.

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So if this man no curse una, you guys wouldn’t have seen the need to join abi? 😡😡

But then, merely coming out to protest shouldn’t just end there, Fuji Musicians are known to be very talented people with a very great choice of words to address any topic thrown to them.

It’s so disappointing not to even see a freestyle or proper song from any Fuji Musician, either upcoming or blown to educate most of the deep Yoruba fans about what the protest is about and how they can participate.

Abi you guys have collected bribe, so you can’t talk again? Cause Yoruba say “E ni to ba ti je dodo, koni so Ododo” (if you’ve eaten plantain, you won’t be able to say the truth)

Maybe that would have even reduced the rate at which hoodlums disrupted the peaceful protest across many south-west states – cause it’s very evident that most of these urchins are fans of these Fuji musicians.

We got many #EndSars songs from established and rising stars in the hip-hop sectors of the music industry.

P:S:- I call on Wasiu Ayinde, Saheed Osupa, Pasuma, Malaika, Remi Aluko and many others – You guys need to educate your own fans too about the fight against Police Brutality, you also have a voice, use it.

Guys 👇

Why Do You Think Fuji Musicians Have Refused To Make A Song About Police Brutality?

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