She Broke My Head With Bottle And Threatened To Kill Me – Woman Accused Of Slashing Her Stepdaughter’s Face

A woman who was accused of slashing her step daughter’s face with razor blade in Warri, Delta State, shared her own side of the story on Thursday, October 1.

It was gathered that the incident happened few days ago at N0 10 Okoro Close in Ugborikoko, Warri South. The step mother is said to be married to the victim’s father for many years without a child.
According to a report posted by a Facebook page, Warri Akproko, the woman allegedly attacked the victim identified as Mary and slashed her face with razor blade during a domestic disagreement. Mary was rushed to Island Hospital located along Ugborikoko road by good Samaritans.
However, speaking to the online news portal on Thursday, the step mother narrated what led to the incident and also attached photos showing injuries she allegedly sustained during the fiight.
She claimed that Mary insulted her, called her a witch, barren and threatened to kill her. In the cause of the heated argument, Mary allegedly picked a bottle and broke it on her head. She retaliated by slashing Mary’s face with a razor blade.

Read below:-

“The story happen like this, in the afternoon she Waka come front of the door begin snap pictures naim I come tell her say comot your hand, as she comot her hand, naim I come spit, as I spit naim she come hiss naim I come tell her say Mary na me you dey hiss for? Naim she come start to dey insult me say I be wicked woman, I be winch, naim me come tell her say watin I do you? She say she go kill me, naim me come tell her say wey you kill me you go come marry your papa?
“Naim she say yes she go marry her papa if it’s possible for her. Naim I come tell her say she no get power to kill me because no be you be my God, she come tell me say I never born, naim me come tell her say well no be you be God, God wey create everybody give everybody children to born, naim me come tell her say as she talk say I never born so, make she remember say she be woman oh and watin I face she go face am also but I get the belief say God go bless me with my own pikin because no be you be my creator.
“Naim she come start to insult me say I be failure naim me come tell her say I no be failure rather na she be failour because her mates dey their husbands house, before I look naim she slap me, naim I say the length wey you Don go so too much I come hold her say why you slap me but before I know she don use bottle break my head and shook my hand I come say I no go leave her go free naim I use the razor blade wey I take dey sew clothes take tear her face before one of her friend come rush her go hospital for treatment.
“The following day, she come bring police come arrest me, When we reach station, she judge say I wan kill her meanwhile na she Wan kill me because she say she no dey happy as her papa marry me so and I nor know watin I dgo her because na me train her from small pikin na my hand she for grow go school do everything but as people never near my side of the story so, everybody come dey blame me naim I say make I come tell una my own side of the story.”

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