Adamu Garba & His Lawyer Failed To Show Up In Court After Suing Twitter & Jack Over #EndSARS


I swear this Country na cruise abeg 🤣🤣🤣

Just like Erigga said in his new song Problem No Dey Finish – “This country need ijaw massage“. Nothing is working!

In case you all forgot what happened. Let me remind you 👇

Adamu Garba sued Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his involvement in the #EndSARS Campaign that rocked the country some months back.

Well, the case was heard in court today but Adamu Gabra and his Lawyer failed to show up 😂

Sincerely speaking, I know he won’t show up in court because he does not have any meaningful to tender or say in court.

Our leaders are always going about doing the wrong thing when they could channel the same energy into making life better for their citizens.

My Say:- I think the earlier we all realize this country is a jungle and our leaders are just using us to catch cruise, the better for all of us.

We have a question for you all too 👇

What Could Be The Reason Why Adamu Garba Didn’t Show Up In Court?

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