Let’s Talk: Do You Listen To Nigerian Songs? – Tell Us One Positive Impact It Has On You


There’s no doubt that everyone in the world know at least one song. Music is one of the ways of an artist to express his feelings and emotions towards something. He can create songs for his love one, for his country, for his environment etc. according to his mood.

Therefore, I admit that music affects our behavior and much more than we might think, It can persuade you that you’re unconsciously doing something that music tells you.

To be honest, I enjoy listening to Olamide’s songs and anytime I listen to it I feel motivated and it changes my orientation about certain thing… I tend to follow his lyrics step-by-step and it gives me ginger, as in I relate very fast with it.

Back then in school during exams period I can’t assimilate a particular topic without listen to music… The scope is, anytime I want to read I must plug in my earpiece then I enjoy the flow.

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I must confess guys, the best thing music has done in my existence is finding true love lol. Basically what i usually do when I want to get the interest of that special someone I put on the romantic music.

As a blogger, music has efficiently Improve my work, most times it gives me contents I can write on and boom it hits many likes and comments.


To be honest, Tell Us One Positive Impact It Has On You…

We will like to hear from you too on this issue.

We will be in the comment section waiting for your response.

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