OPEN ADVICE TO NIGERIAN STUDENTS!! Do Not Study A Course Just Because You Like It (A Must Read)


Nigeria’s unemployment rate is 27.1 percent while Nigeria’s under-employment rate is 28.6 percent. That is, more than 50 percent of Nigerians are either completely unemployed or grossly underemployed (they get paid little for doing so much).

If you are Nigerian student hoping to further in any tertiary institution of your choice, do not study a course just because you like it.

The only reason why you should study any course should be because of its employability rate. Ask yourself, if I study Biochemistry for example, will I get a job. How many people in the past few years have gotten a biochemistry job?

Jambites are found of going to school to study courses with fancy names but many of these courses won’t get you a job or a well paid job after graduation.

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Another mistake Jambites make is rushing for MedicineLawAccountancy and other courses in their leagues.

Why would apply for medicine when you know you’ll probably never meet up with the cut of mark? Let’s be candid, a high percentage of Nigerian student are average (including myself). It will be absolute foolishness (for a lack of better word) if an average student keep wasting their precious years in search of admission into law.

There are other non-celebrated courses out there that’ll fetch you moneyComputer Science, Music, Food and Nutrition amongst others fall into this category.

Gone are the days when a certificate guarantees a job. These days what guarantee you a job as a graduate (or anybody else) is connection, your money or your skill.

Most people don’t have money to buy a job, most are not connected but most people can have a skill that’ll make them financially independent and that is what you as a student should leverage on before becoming a graduate.

Learn a skill that’ll fetch you money.


📌 A concerned unemployed graduate

WRITTEN By: Karleb

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