GOOD OR WRONG MOVE? FG Insists On Blocking SIM Cards Not Linked With National ID Registration In 2 Weeks


Are you there?

It’s no longer news that the Federal Government has mandated all SIM users to link their SIMs with National Identity Number.

We are all given the ultimatum of two weeks to do so, else, bye-bye to your SIM. In other words, your SIM will be blocked.

According to FG, this idea is to track down activities and reduce crimes in society.
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However, Average Nigerians did not buy the idea as many proclaim it’s an act of dictatorship and self-interest from the leaders and another way of scamming the masses.

If you look at the money aspect, N20 per checking (N20 x 200million Nigerians = N4billion). This is daylight robbery but what can we do?

They know we have no choice but to follow their order. Anyway, what do I know?

See Nigerians reaction to this new statement 👇

@is_salsu – During a pandemic? Just 2 weeks? Festive season? Bashir I don’t agree with this. It isn’t the right time for this and the notice is short. I hope it would be possible for those of us with NIN to email our network providers rather than going to their office.
@iSlimfit – Bashir, let’s be realistic. Do you know that as of January 2020, total active telephone subscribers in Nigeria stood at 185.9 million? How on earth are they supposed to get NIN within 2 weeks? Or is it that the NCC is not working with this data before coming to such conclusion?
@dazeefacreative – I attempted more than five times and I’m still yet to attain it, will I be begging and dying to get Identity Card in my country? Fvck those that brought this sick idea… What do you organize to make it accessible for the masses? you dictators.
@mosun8220 – Honestly, this govt lack deep thinkers. Tell me, how do you expect over 70m subscribers to have NIN when those NIMC guys are cashing out big time on NIN registration. To register NIN, you will need to pay between 2-7k.

What Do You Think About This? GOOD OR WRONG MOVE?

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