I Will Respond To You Fire For Fire, Fani Kayode Replies Bakare’s Open Letter To Odumakin

Former aviation minister and PDP chieftain, Chief Femi Fani Kayode has responded to what he described as “threat” in an open letter written by pastor Tunde Bakare, sent to Yinka odumakin

Reacting to the open letter, Chief Fani- Kayode described Pastor Tunde Bakare as Arewa loyalist, saying if he is an enough he should directly address him and not through a third party.

In a short statement, Fani Kayode wondered if his reaction wasn’t a mere question that should have been answered honourably if pastor Tunde Bakare has nothing up his sleeves.

Fani-Kayode wrote:-

‘Yinka, tell Tunde Arewa that I only asked questions. I made no assertions and indulged in no falsehood. I simply asked him to clear the air. Can’t we ask questions? Is he God? Why is he so upset? Why can’t he just answer the questions rather than get his knickers in a twist?”

In any case why is he sending you to me? If he is a man let him reach me himself and not send you to me. I do not react well to threats, and you are not his messenger. If he has anything to say to me let him say it. I am waiting. And I will respond to him fire for fire.

Fani Jayode noted that, Nothing negative from Tunde Bakare can sway him because he has publicly confessed shortcomings.

“As for my past he can say what he likes. Nothing is hidden. I have given my testimony publicly many times including before the Nigerian Senate & I have always said that I am a living manifestation of God’s mercy &grace. Everyone has a past.No-one is an angel, including him.”

“I was troubled 30 years ago. I went to Bible school in Ghana. God delivered me and my life was never the same again. End of story. That is my testimony and it is a great and miraculous one. That is why I am a believer. That is why I am so proud of the God that I serve.

That is why I love Him so much & will do anything for Him. Thanks to be to God. Unlike others, I do not hide my past but instead I tell the world about how God delivered me from it. And if the devil wants to use my past against me I will use his future against him. Let God judge!’”


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