BE SINCERE!! Bella Shmurda or Seyi Vibez: Whose Song Do You Enjoy Listening To The Most?

With the few artists that we are feeling at this moment, we can boldly say Bella Shmurda and Seyi Vibez are among those few.

I think you ought to understand that when comparing two artistes, there are certain things you need to look into before deciding which artiste is better.

There is a difference between a content-filled artiste and a vibe-trigger artiste.

Obviously, different people listen to songs base on different reasons or mood, these two artistes are capable to set vibe and mood.

Looking at Seyi Vibez‘s song chart, where we have songs like 12:07God SentDia FadaPay Day and this recent one Catalyst.

Bella Shmurda‘s song chart where we have some mad jams like UpgradeVison 2020Dangbana OrisaCash App and this new one he’s about to drop ‘Moving Fast” 

So guys 👇🏾

Whose Song Do You Enjoy Listening To?

Which One Of Them Set The Kind Of Mood or Vibe You Want?


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