BE SINCERE:- If God Wants To Judge Us Based On Porn – Would You Make Heaven?


As a Blogger, I know the huge amount of traffic many porn sites are getting from Nigeria daily not to even talk of what they get monthly at all.

It’s so disheartening to know that my country people are chronic porn lovers – una mad gan ooo 😂😂

Well, I know just few of you are saint while the majority of you are giran (chronic porn lovers), so I won’t ask if you are guilty or not, I will phrase my question in such a way that you all will gladly want to answer it.

Now, here is my question 👇

If God Wants To Judge Us Based On Porn, Will You Make Heaven?

In case you want to lie, below is a very strong warning for you.


Don’t even bother to lie on this post at all else you will use up the remaining chances of you making heaven (you wey dey watch porn kon dey lie on top again)

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