LET’S SETTLE THIS!! Mayorkun vs Rema – Who Is A Bigger Artiste At The Moment?

It is not about age or who started first, as far as music is concerned, it is about who has the highest streams, recognitions, sold-out shows, hits, and many more.

Social media is currently buzzing hard with Mayorkun and Rema comparison as people are saying despite Rema‘s short span in the music industry, he is at the moment bigger than Mayorkun, DMW’s second-biggest artist after Davido.

Using yardstick such as the number of streams, a section of music lovers believes Rema is a bigger artiste than Mayorkun who has stayed strong on top of his game since 2016.

See Below:-

The bitter truth is, in life over-taking is allowed but is it not too early to conclude that Rema is a bigger artiste when he’s just 2years into the game.

To be sincere, Rema couldn’t continue in 2020 with the same wave he started with in 2019. Comparing him to Mayorkun who has worked very hard to stay on top of the radar unshaken for 4years is out of the line.

If by 2022, Rema is still on the same wave as he was in 2019 then we can come back to this argument. It takes a big and talented artiste to be involved in lots of hit tracks in a pandemic year.

Streams can be bought, international recognition can be worked out based on relationship and money but true talent grows organically and that’s the difference between Mayorkun and Rema.

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This?


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