#Silhouettechallenge: How To Do The Silhouette Challenge (Tutorial)


Here is a tutorial that explains just how to do the trending Silhouette Challenge. You won’t want to do it the wrong way.

The dance routine usually features ladies typically dressed down while dancing to Paul Anka’s song, Put Your Head On My Shoulder released in 1987 and stripping when Doja Cats’ song, ‘Streets’ which was released in 2019 comes on.

The women dance under red lights allowing viewers to only see the silhouettes of their naked bodies.

Even though the red light only shows the silhouette, the wrong shade of red, as observed in some videos means people can see more than just a silhouette.

What even makes the trend more exciting are speculations that with the aid of virtual reality, viewers can see beneath the red lights.

How to do the Silhouette Challenge – The right way

The Silhouette Challenge has quickly become January’s biggest TikTok trend, and if you want to give it a go, here’s how.

  1. Find a doorway that you can record in.
  2. Stand in front of it and film the first part of the video. Wear normal clothes and film in full lightning.
  3. Then for the fun section, you actually need to film the clip on Snapchat and apply a filter called ‘Vin Rouge’.
  4. Then, turn off all the lights apart from one light in the room behind you.
  5. This should make you look like a silhouette. Make sure you wear tight-fitting clothes to add to the effect.
  6. Now all you need to do is save both clips to your camera roll and edit them both together.
  7. Then, add the Put Your Head on My Shoulder sound.
  8. Now you should be ready to post your TikTok.

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