Sunday Igboho vs Fulani Fight – If You’re Buhari or Governor Seyi Makinde, What Will You Do To Resolve The Issue Amicably?

This issue of Fulani herdsmen and Sunday Igboho might degenerate into something very serious in the next couple of days.

Sunday Igboho is a popular figure in Oyo State known for defending his people and Yoruba heritage against oppression and exploitation.

His recent move against Fulani herdsmen who have been reported to be responsible for killings and kidnappings of people in the Ibarapa area of Oyo State has attracted criticism and commendation at the same time.

The Governor of oyo State, Seyi Makinde has expressed his dissatisfaction against what Sunday Igboho did and has ordered the police to arrest anyone causing trouble in the name of defending yoruba and treat them like common criminals.

Meanwhile, latest information reaching us now revealed that the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu has ordered Oyo State Police commissioner to arrest Sunday Igboho and get him transferred to Abuja.

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Is Arresting Sunday Igboho The Ultimate Solution To This Problem?

The Federal Government including Governor Seyi Makinde should handle this issue as diplomatic as possible to avoid further ethnic chaos in the country.

As we speak, Sunday Igboho is currently being perceived as a hero who step up to protect them against deadly fulani herdsmen when Government cannot.

What if arresting Sunday Igboho leads to more chaos? What if all Yorubas in Oyo State mobilize themselves to cause Riot in Oyo State?

How about the government engaging Sunday Igboho and Seriki Fulani in dialogue and both parties sign a peace treaty which will spell out the fact that there will be no herdsmen killings and destruction of farms by Fulani in the region?

How about the government going into the root of the matter and make moves to arrest the Fulani miscreants responsible for killings and kidnapping in the region of which the Seriki Fulani himself won’t deny he doesn’t know them.

Well, Guys, this is me thinking out loud on this issue and I will like to hear from you too 👇

If You’re Buhari or Governor Seyi Makinde, What Will You Do Resolve The Issue Amicably?


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