Guys, What Will You Do If Someone Harass Your Wife Or GF Like This In The Name Of Creating Content For Instagram (Watch Video)

In the name of doing content or skits for Instagram some people are beginning to do too much.

There is this new Instagram content creator, @iamtrinityguy who goes about the street harassing women by removing their wigs.

In all the skits he has done this, you will notice the frustration and embarrassment in the action of those ladies.

They even slap and even beat him in the process but because they women, the beating is never enough

The one he did for this lady in the video below is really annoying, the woman ended up pouring away all the food items she went to the market to buy.

Watch Video Below;

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They call it cruise but it’s really annoying. It might be funny to you watching it but try to put yourself in the shoes of people he is doing it to or imagine someone do this to your mother, girlfriend or wife in the name of cruise.

Like seriously, imagine you went with your wife to the market and while she was coming back to meet you in the car, a guy did this to her in the name of creating content for Instagram – what will you do?


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