Nigeria Emerging World Power, Signs $1 Trillion Contract With Russia

Today 11th May, 2021 is a great day in Nigeria’s History. Russia is ready to pay Nigeria a whooping $1 trillion to provide the Russian military support no other nation can provide them.

General Vladisko Mikil who represented the president of Russia on this Historic day said Russia has identified some key areas were Nigeria can help their military. These areas are as follows.

1. Oodeshi: African Bullet Proof Juju

2. EGBE: Power to teleport (disappear and appear at another location when under attack or at will)

3. Oruka. Magic ring. Which their spies can use to make their enemies fall and start shaking like fish out of water once they touch them with the ring.

4. Ounde. Power belt that would make their soldiers invincible.

5. Oyela. A tortoise shell necklace That would boost the intelligence of their troops and even make them to be able to hear the thoughts of their enemies.

6. Ina Aye. Mysterious spiritual fire that can be used to burn down and destroy their enemies.

7. Spiritual Slaps. They see the applications of this in embarrassing other presidents in public and making them do silly things.

8. Enter and Sweep: This works by hanging a broom at the door step, if anyone tries to steal from such a house, he would endup sweeping the whole compound till he is released. This would be used to protect their presidential villa. No need for security alarms anymore.

9. Asasi. This would be used in making their enemies run mad. this has been tested on Donald Trump and russia are very pleased with the results.

10. Magun: Power to entrap people during sex and make them stick together. These can be used to entrap CIA agents by sending very beautiful Russian ladies to them to entice them , once they are stuck during sex, they’ll be forced to divulge American national secrets.

General Vladisko said paying $I trillion is a small price for them to pay to be able to have access to all this powers from Nigeria.

Nigeria’s president said he is happy that our tradition is finally making the country more money than oil has made for the country in 21 years of our democracy.

Russian Researchers are presently in Ogun state and Anambra state to learn from our local juju priests so they can go back and boost their military.

Reacting to this development, America’s Secretary of state said the United States has always been scared of Nigeria because of the spiritual powers Nigeria possess, which is more than all their technologies and military equipment put together.

Blah blah blah….😏🙄🤣😂

If all those stories you hear about African Power and juju were true and real, this is the type of news that would be making our headlines.


Please if you are so sure all those powers are real. Do yourself and your generations to come some good. Go and get those powers, they are worth a lot of money in the hands of world powers. I am sure Vladimir Putin is willing to pay hundreds of billions of dollars to be able to disappear and appear inside the pentagon’s top secret archives. Why use these powers for disappearing from accidents scenes only? Smh

Good night and happy weekend.


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