AMAZING!! 10 Things Cristiano Ronaldo Did in Football – Don't Think Any Player Better Than Him (Watch This Video)

We are all very lucky to be alive during this era of Ronaldo and Messi 😁

Many footballers have come and go, broke different records but today, I present to you 👇

The 10 things only Cristiano Ronaldo did in football (nobody has come close to this wizard when it comes to football ⚽

NOTE:- If you are a strong fan of Messi or other footballers, I want to beg you to please watch this Video before hating on Ronaldo.

Below are some of what he did 👇

1. 17 successful take on (Dribble) in one game.

2. 5 Goals in a single La Liga match

3. 100 Goals each for 3 different clubs

4. The Greatest goal of all time.

Don’t let me even talk too much so you guys don’t feel like I’m praising Ronaldo too much.. Let me leave you guys to watch the video and be the judge.

Check out the video below, you will be wowed.

Watch the Video below:

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