Online Casino Security Guide – Safety For Online Slots Sites

Online casinos are not always good. Some try to scam unsuspecting users by offering great bonuses and games. Such scams are plenty all over the internet. If you’re using an online casino that is widely covered on forums and review websites, then you’re all good.

However, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Let’s dig deeper to understand how to stay safe and secure while using online casinos and slots sites.

What makes an online casino safe and secure?

Compliance with latest cybersecurity trends makes brands such as Thai Joker safe and secure to play at. SSL encryption means that whatever information you send to the website’s server is end-to-end encrypted and third parties (like hackers or snoopers) cannot determine the contents of the data being sent and received, even if they manage to acquire it (which is also highly unlikely).

On your web browser, right before the URL or the web address, you’ll find a lock icon. Clicking on this lock icon (while you are on the website) will tell you whether the site is secure or insecure.

Insecure sites will not have a lock – it will either be cut or be red. Secure websites will show a green lock.

Things differ from browser to browser, but the lock icon is global. If the lock icon isn’t complete, then there’s some problem and you should click on it to find out more.

Also, check if the website URL starts with “https://” instead of http://. The “s” stands for secure. It’s a shortcut to check security/insecurity but is the same as the lock icon.

Don’t use insecure sites.

What measures does a safe and secure casino take?

Online casinos such as Gclub Casino have SSL encryption on their website, which we talked about in the previous section. Apart from that, to mitigate any trust issues, they also have registration and licensing information published on their website.

Furthermore, they allow payments and transactions using secure third-party methods and not direct transfers like bank transfers (cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals being an exception).

Apart from that, an online casino can also have certain types of security “seals”. One common seal they might apply for is the eCogra Safe and Fair seal. eCogra is specifically meant for e-commerce and online gaming assurance and regulation.

What’s not a security measure? Image or icon blip on the footer that says “secure” or “100% secure payments” or some variations thereof doesn’t actually guarantee security. Those are merely images that anyone can put on their website.

 Top 5 tips from an online security expert

Lastly, here are the top 5 security tips from a security expert who specializes in online casino security and staying safe online.

  1. Always do your research regarding the website’s security. Check for encryption. If the website is insecure, don’t use it.
  2. Keep your PC updated. Keep your antivirus (even if you only have the default, pre-installed Windows Defender) updated. The browser you use should also be updated.
  3. Install Malwarebytes if you’ve been spammed or scammed previously through websites that downloaded malware or viruses on your system. Or check antivirusly for an antivirus solution that suits your needs.
  4. Only trust those sites for heavy gaming that have licensing and registration information present on their website openly.
  5. Only making sure that the platform is secure and clean won’t do. You also need to stay careful about what information you share with people you network online or offline with.

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