Please Help! I Caught Her Cheating A Second Time, What Should I Do?


Good morning fellow readers.

So I caught my girlfriend cheating sometime last year and we talked about it, she promised never to cheat again, I forgave and moved on. Of course, I’ve been unfaithful too, and on top of that, she’s calm and virtuous.

This is someone who I love and trusted dearly, someone I plan on settling down with. We’re both fresh graduates and we have our growing businesses.

Fast forward to January this year, I found out, yet again she’s seeing not only the same guy I caught her with last year but also confessed she’s been with two other guys.

She further revealed that she was cheating because of money, reiterating the fact that she didn’t want to keep asking for financial support from me so as not to be a burden.

Heaven knows I always do my possible best to support her whenever the need arises. Her family hasn’t been financially stable lately.

This second time, I had to involve her mom. She (her mom) expressed disappointment and disgust. We thereafter talked about it and I’ve forgiven her.

We’ve been staying together for a while now to ensure we work things out.

Here’s where the problem lies; despite the fact that I’ve forgiven her, I’m having a hard time healing. I pay attention to every little thing she does now.

I’m insecure and sometimes I feel like I may be doing too much, and I feel like I hurt her.

Even though I try as possible not to, I see fault in every little mistake she makes now.

It’s like I see unfaithfulness in her footsteps every time she walks now.

Please Guys, What Can I Do To Make This Really Work. How Do I Completely Heal From This?

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