Read Reason Why Saudi Arabia Bars Travelers From Nigeria 2021 (See Why)

The government of Saudi Arabia has barred travellers from Nigeria and other countries from performing the 2021 Hajj over fears of spreading COVID19.

In a statement released, the Saudi Arabia Hajj ministry said it will only allow 60,000 vaccinated residents of the kingdom to perform the annual hajj.

”In the light of what the world is witnessing with the continuing developments of the pandemic COVID19 and the emergence of new variations, Hajj 1442 will be limited to the residents and citizens from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ONLY – (60,000).

The Total Number of pilgrims this year is limited to ONLY 60,000 people, for residents of all nationalities and citizens inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The health status of those wishing to register for Hajj 1442 must be from the following categories: a vaccinated person, a vaccinated person who has completed one dose and spent 14 days, or a vaccinated person recovering from infection.” the statement in part reads.


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