Whytesuga – Biography And Songs Of Gideon Okpa Oden, An Award-Winning Ghana Singer

Whytesuga is a triple talented and not easy to find talent. Gideon Okpa Oden in real life is a Nigerian citizen based in Ghana. 
Whytesuga was born in Nigeria at Ikono L.G.A. , Akwa Ibom State on 31 March 1993. Despite the numerous jobs on this planet, Whytesuga chose music as his God-given passion and started showing signs of his music career from childhood. 

He grew up with an optimistic, handsome, and goal-oriented personality pushing after his uncle Prince Nico Mbarga of blessed Memory.
Whytesuga has preferably chosen to base in Ghana and build his career because, it’s the most peaceful place in Africa., hence choosing the Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat genre over all the numerous genres, Moreso you can’t beat him when it comes to creativity especially on a freestyle session, songwriting, studio vocal recording, and stage performance. 

His passion for music has greatly been influenced and fueled by the life he has lived in Ghana, He has always called himself Ghana-made Whytesuga and it’s all about the love he got for Ghanaian.
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