Husband Of Video Vixen Bolanle Admits He’s Guilty Of Domestic Violence But…

Controversial Bolanle’s husband, Abiodun Lincon has admitted to domestic violence but blames his estranged wife for pushing him to it.

He went viral recently after sending his video vixen wife packing less than 6 months into their marriage.

It can be recalled that Abiodun accused his wife of a number of things, including calling her “dirty”, violent, and a “thief”.

He went on to add that he has a good wife in South Africa and Bolanle is a “common baby mama” who agreed to be his second wife (read here).

During a recent interview on Instagram Live, Lincon initially said his estranged wife, Bolanle, was the violent one in the marriage.

But Bolanle’s male cousin, BJ, joined the Instagram Live interview and said Lincon was lying. BJ said Bolanle has been physically abused by Lincon multiple times.

That was when Lincon admitted, but said his estranged wife caused it.

“Before I started raising my hands, Bolanle used to beat me,” Lincon said.

“I don’t used to touch her before,” he added, but says her actions led to him becoming violent towards her.

Lincon and video vixen, Bolanle (aka Bolanle Pepper dem), got married in February and welcomed a son two months ago.

Lincon sent Bolanle packing earlier this week and he filmed it and shared it online.

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