PL LESSON!! When You Start Counting Millions, Avoid Some Friends – Read The Story Of DJ FlexyNaija That Was Killed


Don’t get it twisted, I know we rise by lifting others, but once you started doing well in life, stay away from friends below your class. E get why!

Yesterday, a DJ and hypeman FlexyNaija was poisoned to death, weeks after saying he was being envied.

DJ FlexyNaija is the one behind the viral hype One for the DJ, One for the hypeman”.

Guess what?

He’s dead now. The people or someone he called his friend, poisoned him to death 😢😢

According to reports, DJ FlexyNaija who was a student of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State, was poisoned to death by a yet-to-be-identified person, on Saturday, July 3.

The sad part of it is that he is the only child of his mom😪How him mama go do now?😭

He was already saying he was being hated on

Last month, June 2021, he made a post on Facebook talking about being envied after gaining success, and now he’s dead.

I repeat, When You Started Counting In Million, Avoid Friends Who Still Counting In Thousands!

I don’t trust anyone

Personally, ever since they poisoned my father on December 7th, 2014, I trust no one anymore, only God and my ancestors.

I don’t keep friends at all. I don’t eat or drink anyhow too. How much be food and drinks that I cannot afford ni.🤷🏽‍♂️

As a young man once you started counting in million, avoid friends who still counting in thousands. Dem go kill you troway. Some will tag u rude, arrogant bla bla bla, don’t fall for it.

These days, young people are the ones killing fellow young people, not old village people anymore.

Be careful with who you call friends. Dem go dey call you “My Blood” up and down but still dey envy you. Looking for how to terminate your life or spoil your reputation.

Listen bro👇

Let the death of DJ and hypeman FlexyNaija teach you a life lesson.

When You Started Counting In Million, Avoid Friends Who Still Counting In Thousands

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