A MUST READ!!! Why Prettyloaded Is The King Of Online Promotion In Nigeria

 Going down to the memory lane, Prettyloaded.com.ng has been satisfying the yearnings of Nigeria youths from the time of yore.

At the time when Internet use was enjoying phenomenal growth in Nigeria, when most youths needed a platform where they could get worthy contents for downloads as well as updated information on various technological topics that could enhance their knowledge of digital technology which was fast developing during this period.

Prettyloaded came to the rescue of many Internet and social media lovers by providing updated Technology & Entertainment posts, Mobile App Downloads, Games, Music and lots more.

Basically, what attracted millions of registered users at this time was the ability of the site to provide updated information on general use of digital technology at the time people desired it most.

At a point when the database of registered users surge to over 1.5 millionPrettyloaded had to stop registration and offer free access to everyone willing to consume the site’s contents.

In 2011, Prettyloaded.com.ng shifted focus to satisfying 100% Entertainment needs of the audience in their millions by delivering fresh musical contents, videos, news and lots more. This does not only make the site attract new audience, it also helped a great deal in maintaining the existing ones.


Our undying efforts in delivering worthy news and entertainment contents to millions of Nigerians have always been recognized by different stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

We rose to the Top and We became the Most Visited Blog in Nigeria in 2015 after “Eleda Mi” by Olamide generated 5.8m Downloads in 1 Month and over 45m+ Downloads in a Single month on just 25 Songs.

In 2016, Prettyloaded became the No. 1 Music Download Website in Nigeria after we ranked above other Music Website on Alexa. This was a big one for us because Music is just a Category on our Platform amidst other Important Category. We are not into Music 100% but we still floored all the Blogs that do Music 100% up till this very moment.

Your Promotional Strategies are Awesome, Olamide said after he got the Stats of Prettyloaded in late 2016.



To upcoming artistes seeking to promote their career and musical contents, it’s not always good to see a clear road path and decide to pass through a tick bush.

Many upcoming artistes that are used to using Prettyloaded for the promotion of their talents are aware of the huge impact the Prettyloaded brand is wielding on their career. Using Prettyloaded for music promotion will not only encourage you to do more as an artiste, it will also give you hope of getting to where you want to be in the music industry.

In 2016, Prettyloaded recorded 1.69 Billion Pageviews from 1.67 million users across the globe with a Mind blowing Numbers of Downloads & Comments on Major Articles. This Statistics was generated from our Google Analytics report with 74% of our Users having strong interest in Music.

Presently, the site has over 10 million users in Nigeria and can boast of over 120 million pageviews monthly from all our audience nationwide.

Also, our social media reach is second to none with up to 1 million fans across all social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and BBM. Analyzing our site statistics will give you a hint as to the quantity of impression and reach that your song will enjoy if placed on Prettyloaded.com.ng.

It is a provable fact that every month, Prettyloaded releases nothing less than 200 songs with a record of nothing less than 96.2 Million Downloads Monthly and over 240,000+ Comments on all Songs every month.

An average Song on Prettyloaded receives nothing below 85,000 Downloads and about 100 comments from our die hard music fans who will constructively criticizes your Music or Video content via the Comment section.

Now, imagine you have your Song on Prettyloaded with so Much Buzz & Downloads! Your Career will definitely show the Green light and the reward for hard work will surely pay-Off.

Don’t waste your Money on Dead Blogs, Stay Wise this Year.

What are you waiting for? Want Your Song or Video on Prettyloaded? Send us a Message 

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God Bless the Hustle!!!

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