“It’s Islamic” – Kwara Cleric Justifies Brutalization Of Arabic Students

One of the clerics in Musbaudeen Al Islamy Arabic School, Ganmo in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State have justified the brutalisation of some students of the Arabic school.

DAILY POST reported earlier that the students, five males and a female in their teens, were seriously flogged by their senior colleagues, as seen in viral videos circulating on social media.

Nigerians on Sunday condemned the treatment meted out to the students as some called for legal actions.

Reacting in another video, a cleric of the school said the flogging of the learners was in accordance with Islamic teachings.

He said the punishment was to put the students aright, saying their parents approved the severe flogging.

According to him, the five boys and the only girl among them went to a nightclub, where they shared videos of themselves with alcoholic drinks and a half-nude lady.

“Some parents called us, blaming us that we were not looking after their children who are kept under our care. They said we should check social media.

“We saw them in a club pouring Trophy beer on one of them to celebrate his birthday. In fact, a lady was with them and they were hugging her.

“This saddened us, especially with what their parents said against us. That’s why we gave them that kind of punishment.

“Those who are drinkers may not see anything bad what these children did. But to us, it’s very bad. We punished some four days ago and others three days ago. We don’t usually flog them. But their parents called us and some have assured us that they would stand with us to any length,” he said.


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