MUSIC LOVERS :- Read Thracymillz Full Amazing Biography (A MUST READ)

Thracymillz is widely loved and appreciated by those Nigerians who enjoy Afropop music.

He has a lot of fans who follow him on social media. They are also interested in his biography and path to success.

If you are one of his fans or admire his music, 

Take your time read about Thracymillz biography and information.

Thracymillz Biography

Nowadays, the music-loving Nigerians are carried away by Thracymillz’s songs. 
But he did not achieve his fame in a blink of an eye – like any other popular star, he had to work hard and aim big.
The biography of Thracymillz is really exciting, and you can always visit our platform for more about singer.
The singer was born under the name Afolayan Oluwatosin, Ayodeji Victor on May 27th, 1991
However, most Nigerians know him under his famous stage name Thracymillz.
Thracymillz decided that his career will be music when he was only ten years old. He felt that he has a large talent and dedication towards music, and since then it has become his entire life.
Thracymillz went to primary and secondary school in Abeokuta. However, he decided to pursue a degree in Mass Communication at the Kwara State Polytechnic of Education.
Singer has rightfully become one of the most recognizable celebrities in Nigeria, who has done a great jobs so far like; Owo Nlà which was produce by Mr Sean and lot more great tracks, we hope he will continue making us happy with his memorable hits.
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