UPCOMING ARTISTES: You Don’t Need A Record Label Or Deal To Make Money Online (Read More)


Dear upcoming artistes are all guilty of this attitude. After garnering money up for producing a nice song, the problem of putting such efforts in getting funds to promote the song goes down.⁣

What does it profit an artiste who recorded a nice track but ended up promoting it poorly or not promoting it in the right place?⁣

From my 5 years experience, I have seen a bad song blow because of adequate promotion and good song dies because it was not promoted well.⁣

Imagine yourself as an artiste, after recording a nice track in the studio then you feel the next thing is to be looking for cheap Blogs for promotion? You are indirectly killing yourself and wasting your time.⁣

It’s a known fact that Blogs plays a huge role in promoting artistes these days, but whatever is what doing is worth doing well. Don’t forget the fact that no matter how good a song is, it needs a massive audience to listen and glorify the song to the outer world.⁣

Most of these artistes run from well notable websites and opt in for sites with few users just because they do not want to spend money.⁣

In the long run, those that will download your songs are only the ones that you broadcast the links to. As a result, no new fans for you.⁣

Work hard to promote your songs on notable website and blogs, there are certain websites that has the authority already in promoting music artistes. ⁣⁣

If looking for cheap blogs with less traffic is what you want to be doing this year you're free to continue but don't forget that If you blow this year, na your cooking gas explode.⁣

Let’s work together this year so it will not waste away like previous years.


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