ELECTION 2023: Twitter Is Not Enough To Convince Nigerians – DO YOU AGREE?

I have been overthinking since Buhari lifted the Twitter ban

Is social media actually the only problem we need to be solved in this country? I don’t want to believe the Federal Government lifted Twitter for political agenda or precisely 2023 Presidential campaigns.

Twitter! out of many other big things affecting Nigeria at the moment. 🤯 People are hungry, things are really three folds, the cost of living is not smiling with the average Nigerians.

Insecurity is the biggest problem we are currently facing most especially in the Northern part of Nigeria.

If releasing Twitter to Nigeria is all they can do to convince Nigerians for 2023, I don’t think that is a reasonable idea.

Maybe this current Government should take the dollar back to N200, eradicate poverty to the barest minimum and tackle insecurity and come back to us.

Guys, Is Twitter Enough To Convince Nigerians For 2023?


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