Kizz Daniel Responds To Allegations Of Being Proud And Arrogant

Nigerian Singer, Kizz Daniel has addressed allegations that he is an arrogant and a proud person.

Kizz covered the latest edition of TheWills Downtown Magazine where he discussed a lot of topics ranging from fatherhood, his music, career, his controversial ‘cabal’ tweet and many more.

One of the questions the singer was asked was about he is perceived by outsiders as an arrogant musician.

However, the “Pour Me Water” crooner debunked the perception, claiming that he is being misunderstood and he is only a private and reserved person who doesn’t socialize well with others.

In his words;

“It is very untrue. I’m a very private individual and a very reserved guy so a lot of people tend to misinterpret that for hubris or arrogance.

You’re in my house, this is where I stay most of the time. I live alone with my maids. There’s a studio here; that means loud music which is not a good environment for kids and so the mother of my kids and my kids don’t stay with me. I can be home for a week and I wouldn’t step out of my house.

I might not be a social person when I’m out there because I’m a very quiet person and that can be easily mistaken for being snobbish. If we had this shoot elsewhere, I would not be this comfortable. But because this is my abode, my home, I’m free.

I have had conversations with my team and management and of course Buki and she had the same comment; “Kizz people say you’re this or that” and I told her it was not the first time I had heard it. It’s something I’m used to.

I go online and I come across a lot of lies and ideas of who I am but none of them know who I am, they don’t even know me. I’d like to think it’s because I am a reserved guy; not every artist can be social. Some artists can be like a snail; a little contact and they recoil back into their shell.”


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