LET’S TALK!! If Money Ritual Is Real, Why Are Native Doctors Poor?

Is money ritual a myth or reality? This is a question many people have always struggled to find answers to over the years as the subject is often the cause of arguments amongst different classes of Nigerians.

Often times, many wealthy people have been labelled as ritualists sometimes by the poor, especially when the latter class cannot explain the source of wealth of the wealthy.

More disheartening is the fact that many religious leaders, especially pastors and some self-acclaimed prophets of God are said to have been arrested by the police for their complicity in the murder of unsuspecting Nigerians for ritual purposes.

Moreover, over the years, Nigeria’s movie industry, popularly known as Nollywood, seems to have implanted in the minds of Nigerians that one can only make it in life if he engages in money rituals, as opposed to hard work.

Starting with the lead actor, Kenneth Okonkwo who starred as Andy Okeke), in Living in Bondage, a movie believed to have laid the foundation in the early 1990s for what is today known as Nollywood, Blood Money, starring Zack OrjiAbuja Boys, Millionaires Club, and many other titles focuses on money rituals.

Today, actors like Kanayo O. Kanayo, Clem Ohameze, Tony Umez, and a new generation of actors like Yul Edochie, Jerry Amilo and many others are synonymous with money rituals as long as Nollywood is concerned, inadvertently sending the wrong message to Nigerians.

The funny part is, almost all the native doctors performing the rituals are poor.

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