Reminisce, Where Is The Album?


Last I heard from Reminisce, he was dropping an album.

That was seven months ago. And although I can’t say it’s surprising, we still don’t have that album. I’m starting to think maybe we’re never getting that album.

Reminisce‘s last album, mind you, came back in 2016 and an album from the ‘Alaga Ibile’ is long overdue. Honestly, fans—including me, of course—were looking forward to the “Alaye To Seh Gogo” LP all through last year. But we didn’t get it.

He did have that one good song with Olamide, though. “Omo X100” kind of signified the return of the king. The very short track was supposed to be like the intro to Reminisce’s fifth studio album. But that was it.

Since July 2021, there’s no album. Not even a single since then. I’m pretty sure there’s a perfect explanation for that, but hey, it’s high time alaga dropped that album. The streets are starving. It’s time for the return of ‘oja daddy.’

Now, one quick question.

Do You Think Reminisce’s Next Album Will Be Worth The Hype?

Let’s hear from you.

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