We Recoverd Some Hard Drugs From Skit Maker "De General’s House” – NDLEA Confirms

De General, a popular skit maker, has alleged that the National Drug Enforcement Agency burst into his house, and arrested him, on Tuesday night.

De General went live on his official Instagram page during the visit by the NDLEA Officials, who first lied to him before gaining entrance to his house.

The incident was confirmed by the NDLEA spokesperson, Femi Babafemi, in a text message to our correspondent.

Babafemi wrote

“He’s a skit maker. Drugs were recovered from his house. We will issue a detailed statement on the arrest shortly.”

The video released by DeGeneral reportedly saw five men wearing the NDLEA apparel in his home. They eventually restrained the comedian who refused to stop making a video record of the presence of the officers.

One of the officers in the video reportedly smashed the phone while another was talking to him. The skit maker struggled with the officers while they were trying to arrest him.

“I don’t have the right to make a video or what are you guys saying? Let the world know what is happening here.” De General responded to a lady NDLEA officer who seemed to have led the team.

Meanwhile, a graphic designer and content creator, Amodu Ayodeji Peter, known as Ayo the creator, was at the skit maker’s house at the time of the incident.

Ayo the creator also wrote his version of the event on his Instagram page. He implied that the drug enforcement agency manhandled them on a false suspicion from an unknown source.

He wrote:-

“@ndlea_nigeria you know who the real drug barons are in this Lagos, but yet you come into @iam_degenerals house, assault him, arrest him! Have you seen him promote this kind of content? @iam_degeneral doesn’t do drugs, and whoever is responsible for this, God is watching you.

“I haven’t slept since 2 am. They wouldn’t let us (sleep) in the station. Please help us noble Nigerians. He is in the NDLEA office in Ikoyi.”


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