Wizkid Cannot Recreate What He Did With “Made In Lagos” Again — Do You Agree?

It’s almost eighteen months that Wizkid put out his fourth studio album, “Made in Lagos.”

And, in less than two years, “Made in Lagos” have achieved for Wizkid what every other artist before him could only have dreamt of. Now, he’s been shortlisted for a Grammy (“Best Global Album”) and if all goes well, he’s gonna win another Grammy with it.

He might even bag two, the second being with “Essence” for Best Global Performance. Needless to say, that, nobody has done anything like that before. Not even by Angelique Kidjo. But it’s starting to look like WizKid just might pull it off.

Besides the Grammy’s, Wizkid has set a lot of records with this album, spending 61 weeks (and still counting) on the Billboard World Albums charts, breaking into the Top 100 of the Billboard 200, reaching the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 songs with “Essence.”

It’s safe to say, Wizkid has broken a lot of boundaries to get here and he’s become a legend for that. But he’s going to drop another album this year, “More Love, Less Ego.”

Not only is it almost sure that he won’t be able to achieve with this what he did with MIL, but it’s also unlikely that anything he ever releases after now becomes as big as “Made in Lagos.” This is Wizkid‘s peak. Is there even a chance that he surpasses this?

Personally, I think not. What he did is magical and many artists will chase its shadows for long. And, I don’t WizKid will ever do something like this anymore.

What do y’all think, though? Let’s hear from you.

Do You Agree That Wizkid Cannot Recreate What He Did With “Made In Lagos”?


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