Russian Invasion: Fleeing Ukrainians With Relatives In UK Are Welcome – Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has announced that fleeing Ukrainians will be allowed entry into the United Kingdom provided they have immediate family members residing in the country.

This is part of a new £40 million humanitarian package to supply necessities and medical supplies.

“We’re providing all the military and economic support we can to help those Ukrainians risking everything to protect their country,” Johnson said.

“In the last days, the world has witnessed awe-inspiring displays of bravery and heroism from the Ukrainian people in response to those who seek to obliterate their freedom by force.”

Johnson said more details of the new Ukrainian visa policy will be announced in Parliament this week.

“We want to be as generous as we possibly can to Ukraine, and indeed we want people who have relatives in Ukraine to be able to bring them over as fast as possible.

“We want to make sure that we have routes for Ukrainians fleeing disaster, war, persecution in Ukraine to come here,” the Prime Minister told reporters.


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