Nigerian Soldiers Beat Up Shooting Stars Footballer For Refusing to Leave Restaurant

Shooting Stars striker Ebenezer Odeyemi has been assaulted by Nigerian soldiers.

The incident happened in Ibadan, Oyo State on Tuesday.

Narrating his experience, Odeyemi, fondly called Lukaku, and three of his 3SC teammates Adekunle Adeniyi, Sochima Elum and Chimamkpa Onwubuchie, were assaulted by soldiers while they were having dinner at a nearby canteen at Idishin – near the club’s camp at Jericho Road, Ibadan after the club’s training session.

The former MFM striker said he and his teammates saw the soldiers walk towards them but opted not to take to their heels as they were not guilty of any crime.

While Adeniyi, Elum and Onwubuchie managed to escape when they were attacked, Odeyemi could not and was lynched by the four officers.

“We were almost done eating when we saw these soldiers walk towards the canteen and as obedient citizens not guilty of any crime, we continued our discussion because we felt they were also there to eat as well,” Odeyemi told The PUNCH.

“But they came there to beat us up. My teammates escaped just as they wanted to attack us and while I tried to run I fell down and they all attacked me. I had a cut on my face from the punches I received from them.

“I told them I’m a professional footballer with a state club (Shooting Stars) but they did not listen.”

Watch the video HERE

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